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Seven Cs to canning

Seven Cā€™s to Canning

How To Preserve, Pickle and do Canning in Jars at Home


Check out our range of canning equipment including Weck glass jars and water baths.


Check all components, the jar, lid, rubber seal and clips are in good working order with no chips or defects respectively. Regularly replace rubber ring seals to be sure of successful canning.

Clean the jars in hot water then sterilise them either in your oven, or by boiling them in a Weck water bath for 10 minutes. Sterilise the rubber seals by leaving them in boiling hot soapy water for 2 -3 minutes and use straight from the water while still hot.

Close the lid once the hot produce has been funnelled into the hot jar leaving a 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) gap from the rim. Push the hot rubber ring on to the underside lip of the hot glass lid. Then press both onto the jar and secure in place with two stainless steel clamps.

Cover your jars completely with water in the canning water bath with roughly 1 ā€“ 2 inches (2.5 ā€“ 5 cm) of water above the top of the largest jar. Each jar should have enough space around them for some movement and water to circulate evenly around all jars.

Can using a Weck preserving water bath. Canning should be carried out when all components are still hot. It is very important that the water in the bath should begin at a similar temperature to the contents of the jar. Always heat the canner slowly for accurate results and start timing from the point when it reaches a rolling boil.

Cool your jars by taking them out of the water bath and placing them on a rack, wooden chopping board, or towel so they cool down slowly without influence. It is important not to try and speed up the cooling process. Ensure the clamps are left on until the jars are completely cooled and then you must remove them to check the lid is sealed. Do this by gently trying to lift it off. Repeat this for the following days and again before opening. Another simple test is the little protruding tab on the rubber seal should point down to indicate a secure seal.

Consume your produce! Break the seal by pulling the rubber tab until you hear the vacuum break and air being sucked into the jar.


If you want more tips and information on how to do canning at home, keep checking our blog for recipes, instructions and preserving processes.